Wednesday, March 1, 2017


March 1 Ash Wednesday – Special Order of Service with the Imposition of Ashes
Jesus said, “I AM the light of the world

March 5 Lent 1 The Temptation of Jesus
Matthew 4:1–11 “Whose words do you hear?”

March 8 Mid-week Lenten Service #2
Jesus said, “I AM the gate”

March 12 Lent 2
John 3:1-17 “The Father Loves you!”

March 15 Mid-week Lenten Service #3
Jesus said, “I AM the Good Shepherd”

March 19 Lent 3
John 4:5-26 “Jesus leads us to know the gifts of God”

March 22 Mid-week Lenten Service #4
Jesus said, “I AM the vine”

March 26 Lent 4
John 9:1-41 “The paradox of Christ’s coming into this world.”

March 29 Mid-week Lenten Service #5
Jesus said, “I AM the way

Looking ahead, we continue our Lenten journey in April listening to the words of Jesus…

April 6 Mid-week Lenten Service #6
Jesus said, “I AM the Resurrection”

April 13 Maundy Thursday
Jesus said, “I AM the bread of life”

April 14 Good Friday
Jesus is asked, “Are you the Christ?” and He said, “I AM”

April 17 Easter Dawn
“Tell them I AM has sent you”

Easter Festival
Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I AM”

Our Lenten expedition is upon us once again. We will travel with Jesus from the mountain top experience of the Transfiguration, through the valley of Lent, only to ascend the mountain of Calvary. The journey begins with Ash Wednesday as we will listen to Jesus clear words as He will explain to us clearly His mission. He will say, “I AM the light of the world.” Satan will attempt to divert that light with his temptations. Yet where you and I stumble and fall Jesus will stand up to temptation. As we walk with Him He will bear our sin, carrying them to the cross.

The season of Lent is an important discipline in the life of our congregation and in the lives of the families of our parish. The Alleluias we sing on Sunday are gone. The hymns are reflective, often sung in a minor key. The services have been planned for a purpose. They allow us to contemplate and focus on Christ’s amazing grace and love.  Lent is a time for us to be more introspective.  We meditate upon our need and the Savior’s solution.

To help us along this journey several devotional guides will be offered to our Friedheim family. Meditations on selected psalms will be offered each day from Transfiguration Sunday through Easter Tuesday. When applicable, an appropriate link to the Catechism will be added. These brief meditations will be made available in print and are linked to our parish web site. They will be made available daily on our parish fasebook page. (Like us if you haven’t already done so) 

For families with children, a devotional guide “Together in His Footsteps” will be offered. This resource is designed for families with weekly activities during the season of Lent.    Fun and enriching activities, family-centered reflections and prayers remind children and adults of the importance of deepening their spiritual life during Lent. Well-known author Michelle Van Loon will engage and encourage us to put our faith into action, fostering a habit that can last a lifetime. My wife and I are personal friends with this author. I pray you will enjoy this work. 

On Sunday mornings we will be begin a discussion of the book “Broken, Seven Rules a Christian
needs to break as often as possible.”  This book examines seven of the most common spiritual traditions and how they use speculation, mysticism, and moralism to break Christianity. Author Jonathan Fisk calls them the seven ''counterfeit Christian rules that every Christian ought to break as often as possible.''

Because they are seven myths that have infiltrated the churches in our age, seven teachings taught as if they were doctrine, but which are nothing more than the traditions of men.   Fisk shows how, under the cross of Jesus, you will find that your mind, heart, and hands, your reason, emotions, and sense of mercy, are the very things that our Lord has redeemed. In the resurrection of Jesus, in His fulfillment of the Law, in the essence of His Gospel, in the pure Word of God, you will find the truth. Pr. Fisk confirmed my niece and nephew when he served at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL

May the Lord bless our journey through Lent 2017. May the Savior walk with you as your travel with Him. 

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