Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lent 3 outline & notes

Lent 3
19 March 2017
John 4:5–26

Jesus leads us to know the gift of God
1. Jesus makes us aware of our need for God’s gift.
A. He reminds us that earthly wells cannot quench spiritual thirst. V. 13
B. Jesus puts His finger the cause of our thirst. V. 16

Transition: Jesus leads us to know the gift of God by first bringing us to an awareness of our need for that gift. Then He shows us where to find it.

2 Jesus shows us where to find God’s gift.
A. We find it in the true church.
B. We find it among true worshipers.
C. We find it in the Savior Himself.

Do you know the gifts of God? Jesus says to you, “I who speak to you am He.”

Points to ponder

What do you do when you’re thirsty, you have no bucket, and the well is deep?

Any time we label someone as “other”, for whatever reason be it social, political, racial, religious, sexual, we dehumanize them. That’s a slippery slope. With the label “other”, it becomes easier to call someone a name. It becomes easier to limit rights and create a second-class citizen. It becomes easier to do things that are so cruel and inhuman that we are left wondering how did this happen? Have you ever had such an experience?  Where do you see this happening today?

In what way can you identify with the woman at the well? 

What is the one question you would ask Jesus if you could? 

What token of your difficult life would you leave behind?  Why? 

Image: Schnorr von Carolsfeld woodcuts © WELS for private and congregational use

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