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Tuesday prior to Trinity


Psalm 8 Man the Crown of Creation. This is to be brought to pass under the Messiah, in the day of His Triumphant Reign. (See Hebrews 2:6-9) Jesus quoted verse 2 as referring to an incident in His own life. (See Matthew 21:16) (Vv.1-2) As he contemplates the great expanse of the universe the psalmist is overwhelmed by a sense of man’s littleness. He marvels that God not only bothers about man, but has set him over all other creatures (Vv. 5-8) The psalm ends, as it began, with a refrain of praise to God (Vv. 1, 9) (Vv. 4-6) see Hebrews 2:6-9 and Genesis 1:28

Psalm 8 – The Glory of God in Creation

The title of this psalm reads, To the Chief Musician. On the instrument of Gath. A Psalm of David. It indicates the audience of the psalm (the Chief Musician), the author of the psalm (of David) and the sound of the psalm (the instrument of Gath). In this psalm David speaks of the glory of God, and how the glory of man and his destiny reflect upon God. [2]

Collect for Psalm 8: Almighty Lord, amid the grandeur of your creation you sought us out, and by the coming of your Son you adorned us with glory and honor, raising us in him above the heavens. Enable us, so to care for the earth that all creation may radiate the splendor of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. [3] -07 June, 2022

[1] Image of the Trinity, copyright © Ed Riojas, Higher Things

[3] Collect for Psalm 8, For All the Saints, A Prayer Book For and By the Church, Vol. I © 1994 The American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, Delhi, NY

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