Thursday, June 9, 2022

Friday prior to Trinity


John 8:48-59 In the Gospel lesson Jesus gives claims concerning Himself. The religious leaders lay a charge at Jesus –“You are worse a Samaritan! You are possessed by a demon!” To this charge Jesus claims that He is the only one sent by the Father. He does not claim to know God. He claims to be God.

You could almost hear Jesus’ enemies speaking amongst themselves. “Can you believe what this Jesus had to say?”  Yet, what He says offers life.  Consider His claims.

Before Abraham was I am.” This is equivalent to claiming himself to God. How could Jesus exist before Abraham unless he is God? And his claim that Abraham rejoiced to see his day, and to see it and to be glad. Yet, “my day” is that day of crucifixion where Jesus, as the Lamb of God bore the sin of the world in his own body. The LORD spared Isaac on the altar of sacrifice. Yet for your redemption Christ took your infirmities, your sins and omissions as his own. He bore them on cross as the perfect sacrifice offering you and exchange for your sin.

He claims to know God?  Yes, as he followed the Father’s will and word perfectly for you. Who does this Jesus make himself out to be? He is equal to the Father and becomes the perfect sacrifice for your many sins.

The doctrine of the Trinity embraces the full nature and work of God and His embrace to you.

The Father – God for us

The Son – God with us

The Spirit – God in us.

Blessed be the Holy Trinity and the undivided Unity.

-10 June, 2022

[1] Image of the Trinity, copyright © Ed Riojas, Higher Things

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