Tuesday, September 22, 2020

September 22, 2020 – Tuesday prior to Proper 21

Psalm 25:1-10 – The Psalm appointed for next week has as the key verse, verse 6, Be mindful of thy mercy, O Lord, and of thy steadfast love, for they have been from of old.”  The Psalmist asks the Lord to remember the Lord’s long-standing mercy and love but not to remember his long-standing sin.

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul."

This Psalm is a plea from the depth of a suffering soul to the God in whom the speaker trusts for deliverance and mercy. Yet despite this trust, the text is a cry of desperation. It points to our longing for God not only to deliver us from our troubles, but also for God to see us fully. We wait for God to see us through the darkness, and to bestow the mercy that we trust God alone to give.

Woven together with this plea is a petition for instruction in following the right path (verses 4-5 and 8-10). While mercy is dependent on God and not on our own deserving, the Psalmist knows that such mercy is most often found by walking the way that God has provided within the covenant community (verses 10, 13-15).

With the Psalmist, as a community and as individuals, we pray, “See me, God, and show me that mercy and steadfast love for which I long, and which I can receive only from you.” Today, we cry the lament of Psalm 25, and wait for the salvation that we know is ours.[1]

Collect for Psalm 25: Lord our God, you show us your ways of compassion and love, and you spare sinners. Remember not our sins; relive our misery; satisfy the longing of your people; and fulfill all our hopes for eternal peace through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.[2]

[2] For All the Saints, A Prayer Book for and by the Church © 1995 American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, Delhi, NY

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