Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Thursday prior to Christ the King


Revelation 1:4b-8 –Christ, the King of Kings returns to reign

The King of kings return will be seen by all. Christ the King of kings will return to the earth. This passage contains a greeting similar to Paul’s, a doxology, an announcement of Jesus’ return, and God’s declaration of His being the Alpha and the Omega; the first and last. Grace and peace come from the Trinity: (God-the Father; Christ-God the Son; Holy Spirit – “seven spirits,” the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit.) 

The beginning and the end of the passage deal with the Father, but Christ is the subject of the central section. Jesus is a witness, the firstborn of the dead, the King of kings (death, resurrection and ascension.) Because of His love, Jesus redeemed us, made us a kingdom, and will come to judge the earth.

A prayer of supplication – Almighty God, our heavenly Father, because You desire not the death of a sinner but rather that he should turn from his evil way and live, graciously turn away from us the punishments which we by our sins have deserved and which have been borne for us by our Lord Jesus Christ, and grant us ever to serve You in holiness and pureness of living; through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever.

A prayer for Christ’s return – O Lord, absolve Your people from their offenses that from the bonds of our sins, which by reason of our weakness we have brought upon us, we may be delivered by Your bountiful goodness; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever-[2]18 November 2021

[1] The New Heaven, Schnorr Von Carolsfeld woodcuts © WELS permission granted for personal and congregational use

[2] A Prayer  for Supplication and For Christ’s return, Lutheran Service Book © 2006 Concordia Publishing House, St, Louis

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