Monday, June 1, 2020


We now entered into the second season of the church calendar commonly called Ordinary Time, or The time after Pentecost. The first Sunday to fall after the Pentecost is Trinity Sunday after which follow the Sundays after Pentecost. The main focus in the readings, of course, is the earthly ministry of Jesus. Regardless of time, season or circumstance Christ is the center of all we do.

Slowly we have opened our worship space practicing social distancing, limiting the number of persons allowed to be present at one time. We are practicing sanitation protocols to protect our members.

Persons sixty-five and older and those with pre-existing or weakened health conditions have been asked now to stay at home.  The 9 am Service will continue to be broadcasted on radio station WZBD 92.7 FM  We will live-stream the service on our FacebookTM page as well.

We will continue to offer two services at 9 and 11 am. If you wish to attend one of these services, I would ask that you register on our parish website.

We will offer the Sacrament on June 7 and 21. Hosts and cups will be available on the credence table. Congregants will be invited to approach, keeping social distancing of six feet. 

If you wish to receive the Sacrament in your home kindly contact me, and arrangements will be made for a pastoral visit.  I may be reached on my cell by text or call 260.223.0903. Voice messages may be received at the parsonage 260.547-4534 or the church office 260.547.4248

As we are given to serve both faithfully and responsibly in loving service and care for souls and the health and safety of our members and our neighbors in the world; we understand that not all may, at this time, be joining us. All are free in Christ to keep to themselves and remain at home without guilt or judgment.

For your edification and encouragement daily reflections are being written and sent out via e-mail and posted on the parish FacebookTM page. If we you have not received these devotionals this means we do not currently have you e-mail address. You may forward your e-mail to the church office  

We are not given to panic but to be judicious and proceed with caution. Our Governor will be opening activity in our state in stages monitoring each phase as it goes. Remember the Covid-19 virus is still with us. There is not a vaccine available.  Social distancing and good hygiene skills will be necessary. If you’re out in public wear a mask – not for your protection but for your neighbor.

Cain asked of the Lord, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Notice, the Lord was silent. He did not need to respond. Cain knew the answer before he uttered his question.  We are given to serve both faithfully and responsibly in loving service and care for souls and the health and safety of our members and our neighbors in the world. This has been our motto as we have navigated this pandemic.     

As the body of Christ, we stand ready to serve. To that end, spend each day with your Savior in prayer. Reach out to your sisters and brothers in Christ.  Attend to the needs of others, as you are able. Assist as you can. Serve others as Christ has cared for you.

The Trinity copyright Ed Riojas, Higher Things

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