Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 30 – Tuesday prior to Proper 9

Zechariah 9:9-12 – Peace for the nations.  Jerusalem has promised that her king is coming to bring peace to the nations. Rejoice (v. 9). What is there to rejoice about? Can we rejoice over the shortage of energy, the arms race, the pollution of the earth, the racial unrest, and political corruption? God gives Israel reason to rejoice — a world ruler is coming in peace for the peace of the world. If we could have world peace, a world government of justice, a ruler of compassion, we would have reason to shout with joy. Has this King not come in Jesus? Christians should be a celebrating people.

God’s people are called to welcome their coming King with joyful shouts. This is a preview to the depiction of the new Jerusalem as the Bride of Christ. See Revelation 21:2

Says Luther, “Here there is no violence, no armor, no power, no anger, no wrath. Here there is only kindness, justice, salvation, mercy and every good thing.”

In His triumphal entry into Jerusalem Jesus gave public proof that He is this promised King. See Matthew 21:1-11

A simple yet heartfelt Prayer – “Almighty God, grant us a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, a cheerful hope in Your mercy, and a sincere love for You and one another.”

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