Thursday, November 1, 2018


The harvest season is soon coming to a close.  We praise God for the harvest and the favorable weather to complete it.   We are fortunate to live in a community where we can see with our own eyes that the Father "provides me with all that I need to support (my) body and life." 

Whatever we face in the future, it will have to be the Lord Himself who must direct us.  With His guidance in our lives, we are blessed.  With the Lord sustaining, guiding, and directing us, we can face the future with courage no matter what might come our way.

One of the blessings we experience every year is to witness God's providence in the production of another crop and His influence in our lives. Just opening our eyes and experiencing His power in nature, and then recalling His influence in our lives, and listening to all of His many promises found in His Word is ample proof of His existence and His influence in our world.  To that end, may we see the influence of God in our life each day and then trust in Him to see us through.  When we do that, we will be witnesses of the Lord's providence in our lives.  As we enter a very special time of the year, may we count the many blessings which the Lord has given to us, and then in faith, hope, and love, trust in Him with our very lives as we live our lives for Him.

This time of the year is also an excellent time for us to share our faith. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways. As we live our lives in thanksgiving and praise, we share with others the good things the Lord has done for us. Not only has He blessed us spiritually, He has blessed us with every temporal blessing. All that we need to support our life, the Lord has given us. Everything we need to exist, the Lord has provided.

We have a message to share with the world. Seek opportunities to let somebody in on the greatest story ever told. At no other time than this are people more attuned to the message of Christ. Like Andrew in the Scriptures, invite someone to simply come and see.

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