Monday, May 4, 2009


Introduction: The Christian life can be one of awe and wonder with great satisfaction or it can be a life filled with a lot of questions and periods of uneasiness and even insecurity. There are three most important factors in the Christian life and if lived in the wrong order, it won't be the wonderful life that it should be. Those three important factors are: Fact, Faith, and Feelings.

Some want to put "feelings" first in their Christian life, but feelings come and go, sometimes there is joy and other times the "feelings" are not there, thus questions come.

Some want to put "faith" first without even considering the "facts" upon which they rest their "faith."

"Facts" should come first as they are permanent. "Faith" accepts and rests on God's "Facts."

One's "Feelings" come and go, but "Feelings" don't change the "facts" one's "faith" rests upon.

In crossing a little stream, one can see the tops of rocks here and there and with careful planning and stepping one can step on first one rock top and then another and another until across without getting wet. "Fact" sees the rocks, "Faith" takes the step to the first rock, then "Feelings" is satisfied that the other rocks will work and the stream is crossed.

1. It is a fact that God loves each person with a tender and particular love. One may or may not believe or feel it or even care about it, but that doesn't change it.

2. It is a fact that in Jesus every obstacle has been removed between a person and God and that forgiveness and acceptance is waiting. One may not believe it or feel the joy of it, but that does not change the "fact" that it is so. Not knowing or not caring does not change facts.

3. It is a fact that the moment a person believes in Jesus Christ, that person is born into God's family and becomes a child of God. One may remember his/her failures, feel unworthy, feel like God's worst child, but that doesn't change the "fact" that once a child of God, His hand will continue to shape and lead you.

4. It is a fact that in Jesus Christ one already has a seat in the heavenly places. One may not believe it or enjoy the blessings of being near Jesus, but that doesn't change the "fact" that the believer already has an assigned place in God's Kingdom.

5. It is a fact that each believer is an heir to all that God is and has. God's Holy Spirit indwells each believer but many believers haven't received very much else of what God wants to give because they simply haven't accepted the "fact" that they are already heirs and don't have to wait till they die to get anything else.

Strange that most people have little or no trouble in trusting other people and have complete "faith" in them and don't even give a thought as to whether there's a risk or not. Why do some have difficulty in having "faith" in Jesus? Is there more than one kind of "Faith?"

1. Christian Faith is not just a Creed or Statement that one "trusts."

2. Christian Faith is about a Person. One is saved and blessed by the "faith" that recognizes and accepts the "facts" about God and His Son, Jesus.

3. Faith that is turned toward Jesus is the only right "Christian" faith. Whether that "faith" is weak as a tiny touch or as small as a tiny seed, if it's focused on Jesus then it's the right kind of faith.

4. Christian Faith relies on God's Faith. Whatever one may feel or think or may be taught, God is faithful and He cannot change and will not remove anybody He has brought into His Family.

5. Christian Faith reaches out to others also. Sometimes one gives, sometimes one carries, sometimes one speaks, sometimes one is silent, but Christian Faith is active in helping others.


1. Feelings change for the slightest reasons. Health, weather, family, job, attitude can all cause feeling changes.

2. Feelings are temporary. One moment it can be joy or sadness or self pity or excitement or hunger or thirst, etc.

3. Feelings do not always indicate one's standing with God. God allows or with holds things sometimes to teach His children.

4. Feelings are not to be lived by. Christians are not to build or live their lives by their "feelings." Today one may "feel" saved but tomorrow not "feel" saved. However one defines "feeling saved."

1. God never changes, neither does His Word –it’s a FACT

2. The believer places his/her FAITH into the FACT of God's FAITHFULNESS.

3. FEELINGS can lift or bring down, bring assurance or bring doubts.

4. FACT, FAITH, FEELINGS is the order for living the Christian life successfully

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