Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ready to go...not yet

According to the local paper April 2009 was the wettest April in the past 45 years. No one from the neighborhood has been able to get out in the fields. May 10 seems to be the cutoff for corn. After that farmers can expect to loose a bushel per acre however with some hybrid seeds they can go into June.

Almighty God You blessed the earth to make it fruitful, bringing forth in abundance whatever is needed for the support of our lives. Prosper, we implore You, the work of farmers, grant to them seasonable weather that they may gather in the fruit of the earth and thus proclaim Your goodness with thanksgiving. May we see by this noble vocation that with Your help they feed the world. Cause all people who give thanks over their food to treat those who produce it with both honor and respect.

photo taken by J Swygart of the Decatur Daily Democrat
Prayer for Agricultgure from Lutheran Worship with one petition added

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

We had a freeze in April - really messed with the winter wheat. It looks like the heads are going to grow, but the shafts seem really brittle.

Brittle shafts are very bad in Oklahoma, where if you only have a 10-15 mph wind it's a relatively calm day.