Sunday, May 17, 2009

40th Anniversary of Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School

Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School opend on Tuesday, September 2, 1969. The student body included 108 boys and 87 girls, for a total of 193 students enrolled for its first year. This represented approximately 77% of the children eligible from the three congregations that formed Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School.

The original faculty and staff of Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School, 1969.

<>Mrs. Norvin Bultemeier, Mrs. Verlin Bultemeier, Mrs. Melwin Buuck, Mrs. Ludolph Scheumann, and Mrs. Marlys Hartman.

Richard Bultemeyer (Principal), Raymond Bachmann, Jeffery Burkart, Rev. E. A. H. Jacob, Mrs. Wilfred Rafert, Marvin Meyer, William Uffelman, Thelma Standiford, David Hartman, Ross Stueber, Rev. Norman Kuck, and Rev. O. A. Brillinger.

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