Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Wednesday Prior to Proper 12


Genesis 9:8-17— God calls Adam to account for his sin. Here we see the consequences of the fall into sin. When God confronts Adam, he flees and hides because of his fear of God. He realizes he is naked, which is considered and abomination. This results in his sense of shame. When God asks for an explanation of his sin, both Adam and Eve blame others. Punishment is the cursing of the serpent.

God asks Adam where he is. Of course God knows all but he asks that he might bring Adam to an awareness of his sin. Where is Adam? He is not where he should be. Because of his sin, he has run away to hide. Sin always separates us from God. We hide because sin breeds fear of God. Note that God comes to Adam after he sinned. God is concerned about the quality of our lives. Sin disturbs and grieves God. Always God asks for an accounting. Each faces Judgment.

Sin may be forgiven but punishment goes with sin. “The wages of sin is death. “ No one escapes the penalty of doing wrong. God’s justice demands satisfaction.[2]  

We need to recognize the reality and depth of human resistance to God.  That is seen in killing Jesus.  What we call “sin” is not just the naughty things we do that make the tabloid headlines.  Sin can be deadly and destructive.  It has consequences.  And it offends. There is a deep seriousness to human wrong-doing – sin – that means that consequences cannot simply be bypassed.

We can either turn away from them, or we can wrestle with them. Here we see God’s refusal to be marginalized. The next time instead of destroying the world through a flood He will turn His wrath on His own Son.

Prayer in time of affliction and distress: Almighty and most merciful God, in this earthly life we endure sufferings and death before we enter into eternal glory. Grant us grace at all times to subject ourselves to Your holy will and to continue steadfast in the true faith to the end of our lives that we may know the peace and joy of the blessed hope of the resurrection of the dead and of the glory of the world to come; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.[3]21 July 2021

[1] Luther’s Seal copyright © Ed Riojas, Higher Things

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[3] Collect in times of affliction and distress, Lutheran Service Book © 2006 Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis

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