Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday prior to Advent 2

 2 Peter 3:8–14—Isaiah wrote his prophecy of the coming of Christ seven hundred years before He came. It must have seemed an interminable amount of time for those who lived during those years, wondering when God would fulfill His promises. But the Apostle Peter reminds us that the Lord has His own timetable, and a good purpose for accomplishing things in His own time. He further admonishes us to be ready for the Lord’s Second Coming at any time, and to live lives of holiness and godliness waiting for that day.

These days leading up to the celebration of Christmas might seem at times overwhelming with an entire laundry list of things which need to be accomplished before the celebrations can begin. There are gifts to purchase, cards to send, a house to be made ready, sweets to be baked and decorated. With so much activity we can so easily become distracted that we lose sight of the reasons for such preparations in the first place.

The Advent season helps us regain our focus and thus a perspective. The message of Advent is simple. We prepare for the Lord’s second coming so that we may rejoice when we annually celebrate His first coming. When we focus on the fact that the Lord’s second return will arrive at the proper time we can see our preparations for Christmas in a new light.

A sainted pastor and mentor would often say, “When reckoned in the councils of God, who cares!” That’s a good perspective. Our focus should be twofold. In the Advent season preparing for the Lord’s final visitation helps us get ready to celebration His entrance into our world. The birth of a baby led to the death of a man who will usher in His kingdom at the proper time. That’s your focus for this day. Set your sights on what is to come. It is enough. Everything will fall into place. And if your “To Do” list isn’t complete by week’s end, “when reckoned in the councils of God, who cares!

Stir up your power, O Lord, and come. Protect us by your strength and save us from the threatening dangers of our sins, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.[1]

[1] Lutheran Service Book © 2006 Concordia Publishing House, St Louis

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