Saturday, February 20, 2016

Three Voices

Three Voices 
by Logan C Jones

Inside of me -
          where exactly, I do not know -
live three voices.

The first voice roars:
          Produce. Do. Achieve.
          You need to attend this meeting.
          Policies and procedures need to be revised.
          There are deadlines to meet and 
               reports that need to be completed.
          Budget variances should be corrected.
          Goals for the new fiscal year are due.
          Job descriptions should be re-written.
          Performance evaluations need to take place.
          All is of ultimate importance so
               don't forget anything.
          Your worth as a person depends on this. 
          Don't make any mistakes.
          Produce more. Do more. Achieve more.

The middle voice sneers and mocks:
          You fraud.
          You know you will be found out -
                    then what?
          You cannot do this work.
          You are a sham, an impostor. 
          Shame on you;
                    you always make mistakes.
          What do you think you are?

The lower voice just whispers:
          You are forgiven.
          There is mercy.
          All shall be well. 


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