Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Church Expansion

We broke ground on our church expansion project Sunday. As soon as the weather breaks construction can begin. We will be adding a gathering area, drop off and restrooms on the main level. We've been talking about this since 2004 and finally are ready to go.

This will be building project #5 since I've been here. Previous projects have been the renovation of the church interior for the 150th Anniversary of the congregation, remodeling of the parsonage, addition of a new slate roof to the churh, additional classrooms to our Wyneken school, and now gathering area and restrooms on the main level.

We've managed to complete each project debt free except for the church remodeling which was paid off within three months after completion. I anticipate this project to be paid in full by the time it is completed. It's wise to start a project with over half the funds in hand.

It might get a little messy before the project is completed but this is something we have needed for a long time.

Have a plan, work the plan and plan for the unexpected. Wise words when starting a building project.

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