Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mission-Philosophy-Vision Statement

Mission-Philosophy-Vision Statement For our Friedheim Family

Preamble: The birthday of Missions occurred on the day of Pentecost circa AD 30 in the city of Jerusalem. On February 25, 1838 Zion-Friedheim Lutheran Church was chartered to be a House of Peace, a Haven of Hope for those who suffer and a Harbor of Light in this sin-darkened world. As followers of Jesus we are Christ’s ambassadors – commissioned by Him who has reconciled the world to Himself to be salt and light.

The Mission of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - Friedheim is to be “A 21st Century Parish with a 1st Century Faith

The Philosophy of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - Friedheim is recorded in Acts 2:42 “And they continued steadfast in the Apostles’ doctrine, and in fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in prayer

The Vision of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - Friedheim is to be one with respect to four specific objectives of mission and ministry.

Ø “The Apostles Doctrine” Being one in unity and faith. Basing our lives on God’s Holy Word as He speaks clearly to us through that Word.

Ø “Fellowship” Being one in the Lord Jesus Christ. Experiencing true joy in Christ. Living at peace with each other and enjoying one another.

Ø “The Breaking of Bread” Sacramental living. Experiencing daily the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation as Christ comes to us in and through the Sacraments.

Ø “Prayer” Upholding one another. Taking our needs burdens joys and sorrows to the throne room of grace. Being thankful as the Savior answers each petition.

Adopted: February 6, 2003

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