Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeding 5,000 Souls

Sunday's Gospel is the feeding of the 5,000

Some believe that the crowd could have been over 5,000 as only "men" were counted. If you would count "women and children" it could have been up to 15,000.

Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana seats close to 17,000 people....

According to the concessions manager the following items were sold at the Indiana Vs Wisconsin game, on Saturday, March 12, 1994 (per my telephone conversation with him on March 15, 1994)...

¨ 400 1bs of hot dogs,
¨ 3,000 popcorn boxes,
¨ 8,200 cokes (about 1,000 gallons)
¨ 684 candy bars,
¨ 436 nachos,
¨ 284 boxes of caramel corn,
¨ 917 soft pretzels,
¨ 247 polish sausages,
¨ 100 sandwiches,
¨ 179 bags of peanuts,
¨ 50 muffins,
¨ 160 cups of coffee.

This game was played on an afternoon with tipoff scheduled for 2:00 pm Most fans had eaten their breakfast and had probably had their lunch also! And fans had to pay for their food! Jesus feeds the crowd freely, without cost!

When we pray "give us this day our daily bread" we can know that the Savior will supply us with all that we need to support our body and life!

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