Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tin Caps First Home Game

Hardball Capital the owners of Ft. Wayne’s latest minor league baseball team used Sky Design from Atlanta to consult on the name for Ft. Wayne’s newest sports franchise. “Tin Cap” a name used for LSD is simply a rumor. The opening game to be played at the new downtown ball park Parkview field is scheduled for this evening. We have the Komets, hockey, Mad Ants basketball, and Freedom football. The Tin Caps move to downtown is an attempt to revitalize Ft. Wayne. Will it work? Time will tell.

The Tin Cap logo is the only minor league team with an apple. It is to depict "Johnny Appleseed" an itinerant preacher by the name of John Chapman who apparently wore a pot on his head as he planted apples in the mid-west. Chapman is believe to be buried in Ft. Wayne next to Appleseed park where the Ft. Wayne Wizards use to play baseball.

Night baseball was first tried at Fort Wayne in 1883.

Source: Fort Wayne News. Com and The Journal Gazette

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