Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009 – Jesus’ Appearance to His Disciples – John 20:19-31

The risen Christ appears to the disciples and Thomas whose doubt is overcome. On Easter night Jesus comes to His frightened and disheartened disciples. One is absent, Thomas. Jesus discloses Himself as the crucified one, comforts them with His presence, and commissions them to go into the world. Here is John’s Great Commission and Pentecost as Jesus breathes on them giving them His Spirit.

Since Thomas is absent, the risen Lord must still deal with him who demands physical evidence that Jesus has risen. When Jesus shows His wounds, Thomas believes. Jesus uses this situation to teach that real faith does not demand physical evidence. John will conclude his gospel by giving the purpose of writing it –to create faith in Christ.

People do not see the risen Christ but “yet believe” in Him. “Yet” refers to all the reasons for not believing; no evidence, nothing tangible, no sight. True faith is believing in spite of all reasons not to believe. When we cannot see, when the future is unknown, we have faith that the unseen and unknown truly exist.

We are Easter people. May the Savior continue to guide your path and order your days as you journey with Him.

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