Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009 – Pilate moved from what was expedient – Matthew 27:24-26

Pontius Pilate was the governor of Judea (evidently not an easy place to rule due to the Jewish leaders.) In this capacity he was the man responsible for the execution of Jesus of Nazareth. Research indicates that the trial of Jesus wasn’t the only incident that could have been of concern to him and to his superiors. His position was in jeopardy. The governors of Roam had four major tasks.

1. He was responsible for taxes
2. He was an accountant
3. He was the supreme judge of the province
4. He commanded an army.

Therefore he had to stay on the good side of his superior if extra support was needed. In attempting to fulfill these duties, Pilate tried to keep things in Judea under control. He didn’t need Caiaphas sending any letters complaining about the way things were being handled. Evidently in trouble with Herod already, he tried to evade his responsibility of pronouncing judgment on Jesus by calling in Herod. Pilate tried to get Jesus released by giving the people a choice. They chose Barabas.

Jesus’ prediction that “the Son of Man is to be delivered into the hands of men” [Matthew 17:22] is fulfilled. Men – both Jew and gentile are guilty of the death of Jesus. Judas’ remorse and return of the silver can’t clear him. The men of Israel can’t get away from the responsibility by delivering Jesus to Pilate. Pilate washing his hands doesn’t take away his responsibility. He released Barabas, had Jesus scourged and handed Him to be crucified.

This trial of Jesus represents to guilt of all mankind. We’re all guilty! But thank God for Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross to take away that sin and ensuring our salvation.

-Dean Wass

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