Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009 – Jesus is Condemned – Luke 23:20-25

Having emphasized God’s plan and will throughout his gospel, Luke notes also the human factor: Jesus is delivered to the “demands” of the crowd. (See Acts 2:23) Behind the scenes the Father is working everything to perfection. Nothing is left up to chance when it comes to your salvation. The Lord is shaping and using the events of Jesus’ life to bring to completion everything that is necessary for Jesus to suffer, die and then rise again. The Savior’s accusers, the authorities, and the angry crowd, each behaves according to the Father’s will. No one acts alone. The Lord orchestrates all of the events of Jesus’ life to guarantee a full pardon for our sin.

As you observe each of the particular events of the Lord’s passion remember, He died for you. He loves you. He planned out each step the Savior would take to earn your freedom. Your pardon came at a price; the death of God’s own Son. Human drama and emotion was involved. Yet through it all, the Father is directing each step the Savior will take.

If the Father directed the path that Jesus took will He not also order your days and direct your life?

Father, in this journey called life I am never alone. As You gave direction through all the events of the Saviour’s passion so take Your hand and lead me, now, and always.

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