Tuesday, October 13, 2020

October 13, 2020 – Tuesday prior to Proper 24

 Psalm 96:1-9 - This Psalm is appointed for next week. The key verse is verse 7b “Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.”

In the context of the entire psalm, we are to recognize and to declare the glory and strength that belong to God in all His being. When we give unto the LORD these things, we do not give or attribute things to Him that He did not have before. We recognize things as they really are, because God is full of glory and strength.

The meaning of the Hebrew word for worship is to prostrate oneself, not to praise God for his attributes, which is what the English word worship means. But here we must note that although the meaning of the Hebrew word differs from the English word, the Hebrew understanding of worship nevertheless also involves giving God praise for his attributes. That is what is being said here. Here the nations of the world are told to give God glory.

Fall colors should be at their peak, the climax of seeing the vast creation in all of its beauty and splendor. The creation speaks of the majesty of the Creator. Today, ascribe the to the Lord the glory that is seen in the majesty of His creative hand.

Collect for Psalm 96: Lord Jesus, the incarnate Word, when you consented to dwell with us, the heavens were glad and the earth rejoiced. In hope and love we await your return. Help us to proclaim your glory to those who do not know you, until the whole earth sings a new song to you and the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen[1]

[1] Collect for Psalm 96, For All the Saints, A Prayer Book for and by the Church Vol. II © 1995 American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, Delhi, NY

Te Deum copyright © Ed Riojas, Higher Things

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