Saturday, July 1, 2017


Romans and the Reformation
A Series of Sermons Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation 

July 2 Pentecost 4 - Proper 8 - Divine Service Setting 1
Romans 7:1-13 “Released from the law and sin

July 9 Pentecost 5 - Proper 9 - Prayer & Preaching
Romans 7:14-25a - “Paul finds peace of mind through Christ’s deliverance

July 16 Pentecost 6 - Proper 10 - Divine Service Setting 2
Romans 8:12-17 -"Heirs with Christ"

July 23 Pentecost 7 – Proper 11 - Divine Service Setting 3 without Communion
Romans 8:18-27 - “The Purpose of God’s Word is Redemption

July 30 Pentecost 8 – Proper 12 - Divine Service Setting 3
Romans 8:28-39 - “God’s continual goodness

We continue to review the book of Romans in our Sunday morning worship gatherings in anticipation for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. 

This month Paul begins a discussion of the nature of the power of the Gospel and its righteousness which leads to assertions of the reality of the reconciliation (and its peace) even in the midst of affliction. These assertions are made under the recognition that the daily experience of the Christian is a daily struggle against indwelling sin. This struggle is carried out in repentant reliance on God’s grace and in hope we live each day confidently. 

Christ is always there for you. Even in your darkest hours. Even when you feel like there is no help left. Put your trust in Him. And he will lift you in His arms.  As the hymn reminds us, “In God my faithful God, I trust when dark my road.” (LSB #745) Christ remains present.  You can even glory in your weakness. For when you are weak you are made strong by the power of Christ.  This change happens. Because of the sacramental effected change of lordship, this has taken place in your baptism. You are not your own. You now belong to Christ.  

Delivered from sin and death, you now live before God in the righteousness of Christ. And where does this freedom come from? It comes in your baptism. The place where the Father names you as His own dear child.  Not because of what you have attained, accomplished, or achieved. This freedom comes to you simply because Christ has chosen to love you and adopt you as His own. 

You abide in the care of Christ.  Fear not. Your Father will not let anything happen to you apart from His gracious will. You are of more value than many sparrows. Not one of them will fall without your Father's will. No harm will befall you but what your Father Wills. If God has work for you to do you cannot die until it is accomplished. Enter summer in the strength and the hope of Christ. 

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