Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Mid-week Lent 6

Midweek Lenten Service 6 
April 12, 2000
Zechariah 9:9-10

The Attitude of Opportunity 
What A King!

INTRODUCTION:   What kind of King do we want to rule over us? Though we do not have a king we do have a president; and in the midst of a national election year that is the question that many are asking themselves these days “what kind of leader do we want to lead us as a people?”  This can lead to a number of questions for us to consider.  Who or what is the master (king) of your life?  In our lesson for today we are told that the King is coming.  Is the King (Messiah) coming to take charge of your life?  Jesus offers to be our king in fulfillment of the promise “Lo, your King comes to you.”  What kind of King would He be?

1.                  A humble King – “humble and riding on an ass”. The Messiah comes riding on a common beast of burden. He is a humble king. He does not ride a horse, which is reserved for a mighty king.  An ass is a humble animal, which symbolizes peace.  The ass carried the Christ to the people. Today we see this same humble king coming to us to take away our sin. He has stilled God's anger and taken away our reproach. His innocent suffering and death save us.

2.                  A victorious King – “triumphant and victorious is He” Jesus began the week as He rode into the city of Jerusalem triumphant accepting the claim and the praises of the people.  By the end of the week He was condemned to die with two common thieves.  His early success turned to scorn along with it the horrors and tragedies of Good Friday.

            And yet, we too can triumph with Jesus even though we know that it meant the cross. Even in the midst of pain and gore there is joy.  Jesus endured the cross for the joy, which was set before Him.

            The joy is that the Savior is coming to die for our sins and to assume His rule over us in our daily lives. Because of the cross Jesus truly is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Yes, He is a victorious king.

3.                  A peaceful King – “He shall command peace to the nations.” His victory over sin, over death, and over the power of the enemy guarantees for us peace with God. He has become our peace.  Not a peace which is only temporary.  He gives us a peace that lasts.  And of His kingdom there shall be no end!  Jesus has come to bring blessings and life.  In Him there truly is peace on earth and good will to men. Rejoice in His mercy and the peace that He alone can give.

Conclusion: This is how God chooses to come to us.  He chooses to come to us in a sacramental way. This is how He chooses to deal with us.  We do not come to the King.  Rather, the King chooses to come to us. He comes to us personally to bless us.  We do not decide for Christ. Rather, He decides for us.  We do not choose Christ, but Christ chooses us. God initiates the act of grace. And we live and dwell in safety under the watchful eye of our gracious and humble peaceful king.

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