Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thou shalt not Covet…

…but what should be your response when that dream machine falls directly into your line of sight?

One of the things I have enjoyed while supervising three Vicars over the last three years is “talking shop” while making visits either to the hospital or on shut-in and home visits.

Seems with my most recent Vicar however, no sooner does he get into my car but a Mercedes or a BMW or a Lexis come driving past us in the other lane. He's become a luxury car magnet!

The other day one of our members came driving by in an International CXT truck. His son was having his high school graduation party. This member works for company that encourages employees to take a CXT to public events. He works for subsidiary of IH. Thus he had it for his son's graduaction party. He let me drive it around the block. A sweet ride!

Before Lydia was born I drove a 1985 Pontiac Fireo. It got 30 mpg...but was not quite practical for a growing family.

With gas prices ever increasing I guess I’ll stick with my 2005 Dodge Neon. It gets 30 mpg [same as the 1985 Fiero...humm twenty years later and 30 mpg hasn't changed...] but it is still nice to dream... And besides, what can or should I do when that Mercedes pulls up beside me at a red light? It's not polite to gawk.

A year ago Tammy and I passed a caravan of about seven Cadillac XLR two-seaters on highway 37 between Martinsville and Bloomington. [on the way to the IU v. Illinois football game] Oh my…

For the time being our money will be traveling with our children to Terre Haute and to Bloomington…better to invest in an education then making payments on a car which will only depreciate in value.

Possibly I can go to the Meredes dealership, purchase their tradmark emblem, and fix it on the back of my Neon.

Until then I guess I will get my fix at the Aubern Cord Duisenberg festival come September...aaah!


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Ah, yes, the days when you were the young Pastor with the cool car! Now I'm in that boat - we have a Mini Cooper - been getting 38 mpg combined city and highway - which is good as last year my wife had a 130 mile round trip to school each day!

And the code to post here was "xmppump" - bizarre

Pastor D said...


With all our driving making calls to those hospitalized and shut-in they might as well call us “concrete cowboys.” 38 mpg? Wow! I think Hank covets the Mini…