Friday, July 11, 2008

Cat Pic Friday

I don't know why but Lydia says you're suppose to link a pic of your cat on Fridays if you have a blog and a cat...

Tacy and Salem are back to tolerating each other. No more hissing from Tacy unless Salem tries to chase her. Tacy still seems put out that Salem gets moist cat food while hers is the bland dry diet. Here they are both sitting on the stool in the kitchen.

For the second time this year a mourning dove has built a nest on our font porch. The second nest was built on top of the first one. Momma bird just left the nest this morning which means the two chicks will be leaving on their own soon. Momma will sit on the phone wire watching over her brood for about a week - then they are on their own.

Humm… there are a few parenting tips you can learn just by observing the animals in your house…

If you own a dog he will think you are God. If you have a cat she will think of you as staff.

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