Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Weekend on tap

Saturday our Friedheim family will gather for the annual parish picnic. We've held this the last three years so now it's become somewhat of a tradition. We try to schedule it so it does not conflict with the 4-H fair, the local fireman's tractor pull, local festivals, etc.

It's a time of great fellowship for folks of all ages and we usually get a good representation of the congregation - around 200-300. The last two year's we've had square dancing from 6-9 pm with everyone having a pretty good time...except for Sunday morning when I get at least a request or two "Pastor can we just sit through service this morning..."

Of course, the guest of honor is the pig which will be consumed! We have a local farmer donate him, a butcher process him, and one of our neighbors prepare him. Our college kids usually volunteer to watch him cook throughout the night. They love hanging out at one of our neighbor's barns playing cards and video games and will occasionally check on the pig.

On Sunday we will gather thanking the Lord for 170 years of mission and ministry here and my 25 years in ministry. Pr. Tim Sims the man who confirmed me, ordained me, installed me, served as my district president, and square danced at Tammy and my wedding will be the guest preacher. This is a picture of the nave on Easter Sunday.

Cat Pic Friday, oh my...Tacy our tabby has learned some bad behaviors since her brother returned from hospital three weeks ago. She has issues I guess and has been acting out lately. {dogs apparently are not the only ones who can do this...} She's learned to splash and drink from the water closet. Gross!

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