Monday, July 28, 2008

John Wurst Ordination

25 years in ministry and what do I have to show for it? As a circuit counselor I've had the awesome privilege of supervising three Vicars - three honorable men.
John Wurst was ordained this past Sunday. I was unable to attend due to Lydia's recital. Gotta be Dad first! I've also supervised at least twenty field workers while at Zion. There is a father and son who are now pastors who I possibly had some influence in directing them to the seminary whlie pastor at Trinity Lansing - possibly the Lord's purpose in sending me there?
Some have asked "does your son want to be a pastor like his father"? I don't know. My father and grandfather were both family physicians. Two generations of Lutheran clergy might be next in line. It would be an honor. Henry has seen the satisfaction, sacrifice and sadness. I know wherever he is directed he will impact others. I am grateful for those who have influenced me, awed by the work others have continued. I am humbled that the Lord would use me to direct others into full time kingdom work.

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