Tuesday, May 1, 2018


During this busy month of May, there will be much for us to do.  After a long winter and a spring that is attempting to arrive, the busy task of planting will soon commence. Field and garden will soon receive added attention.  Many a day will be extended into the night as we anticipate the germination of a new crop.

For our students there is plenty to do in May! This year four young people will be confirmed in the faith  on Sunday May 6.  There are projects, assignments, and end of term exams. There are also field trips that need to be completed, Little League and t-ball games to be played, and 4-H projects that need to be planned.

During this month of May we will close out the Festival portion of the Church calendar. Easter gladness…Easter joy.  That is our theme during this month of May.  The message of the angel still rings in our ear, "He is not here.   He is risen indeed!" As the events of Holy Week began to unfold, there was no turning back for Jesus.  The cross drew near. Yet, willingly Jesus endured the cross.  He withstood the agony, the horrors and the terrors of death.  He suffered that we might have life eternal in His name.

As Jesus rose victoriously from the dead, He has now granted life and immortality to us by His victory over the grave.  With St. Paul we can say, "0 death where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?"  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ who has gotten us the victory over sin, over death, over Satan and his host!

From the preamble of our parish Mission and Vision statement we remember – “The birthday of Mission occurred on the day of Pentecost circa AD 30 in the city of Jerusalem. On February 25, 1838, Zion-Friedheim Lutheran Church was chartered to be a House of Peace, a Haven of Hope for those who suffer and a Harbor of Light in this sin-darkened world. As followers of Jesus, we are Christ’s ambassadors – commissioned by Him who has reconciled the world to Himself to be salt and light.”

One busy month is upon us. In all that we do, the cross and empty tomb is what motivates us. The hope of eternal life is our vision which gives value to our lives. The fact that we are Easter people is what gives us a passion for living!  Celebrate God's gift of life for this world.  Share and live for Christ in all that you do.  May the Lord direct you during this busy yet life fulfilling Easter season!

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