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Proper 11

Proper 11
20 July 2014
Matthew 13:24-30
The Good planting of the Kingdom

Jesus explains the parable of the wheat and the weeds at the request of His disciples. That’s a good thing! Now we know the meaning of the parable too! The Son of Man (Jesus) sows good seed into the field of the world, producing children of the kingdom. The devil, on the other hand, sows bad seed, producing evildoers. At the end of the age, that is, at the end of all time – angels will remove from the kingdom all evildoers. When that happens, then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

There is a lesson for each of us to heed. Nothing good happens after midnight. In the middle of the night, the enemy sows his seeds.  While Jesus will be sowing His Word producing His followers around the world until His return (Acts 1:8), Satan refuses to give up! He too will also be distributing his followers to counter Jesus’ message and ministry.

There are in fact two forces at work. The word of God will not stop. But there is another who works just as well. The work of the devil will also continue until the end of time.  Thus, we must consider the planting of the Kingdom.

1.        God plants His kingdom in our world.
A. Jesus is the one who plants and sows.
1.            He does this through the preached word and sacraments.
2.            It will always accomplish what He desires. “My Word will not return unto me void…” He has promised.
B. The good seeds are the sons, the children of the kingdom.
1.            We have been incorporated into Christ’s family the church. “Build upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets Christ Jesus being the chief cornerstone.”
2.            We now have a relationship with each other. Last names stop when we enter the church door.
C. The field is the world; the goal of missions is the world.
1.            Christ uses you to be His witness. You share Christ where you live.
2.            The church grows not by programs, plans, or agendas but only through people using God’s means of grace. As they share the word the Holy Spirit is there drawing men to Himself.
3.            An encouragement – to be people in mission. Lutheran Hour ministries’ theme says it all, “Bringing Christ to the nations and the nations to the church.” Invite someone! That’s all you’re asked to do.

Transition: “Have no fear little flock...” Jesus has told us. “For the Father has chosen to give you the kingdom” in spite of what the devil might attempt to do. Christ’s kingdom will continue to flourish and grow although it is met with resistance. Where Christ builds a church the devil will erect a chapel.

2.     Satan attempts to destroy the Kingdom.
           A. Satan sows the tares in the field.
1.            We are living in the world – with its own agenda and worldview, one, which is foreign to Christ’s will and way.
2.            The ways of the world are so designed as to choke out the things of Christ.

3.            Jesus knowing all this prayed that we would be kept from the evil one as He prayed in His high priestly prayer. (John 17:6-12)
B. God’s children are tempted to destroy the terrors.
1.            Radical groups attempt their desire through moral control.  Will it work?
2.            It cannot work for two reasons.
a.             We can’t look into the soul of every man.
b.             We can’t control every man’s actions.
3.             You can’t legislate morality; the devil’s tentacles are too deep. We simply cannot change man’s base nature.
C. Christ warns us to be patient.
1.            He alone is the judge. He will rule and judge perfectly at the right time – on judgment day.
2.             He will judge with equity and justly.

 We need not fear that the world will overcome us. Jesus has already overcome the world. Fare thee well son and daughter of the king, for the Father has chosen to give you the kingdom, have no fear little flock!

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