Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Baptism of our Lord

Jesus’ baptism and your own. What would they say to us today?

1.       At Jesus’ Baptism
A.      Jesus was revealed the Son of God.
1.       The Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove.
2.       The Father’s voice was heard saying, “You are My Son
B.      His ministry of redemption began.
1.       Jesus was called to proclaim a specific message.
2.       That message was one the people had already heard, “the Kingdom of god is at hand
a.       Yet Jesus spoke with much authority.
b.      Now we see the kingdom being revealed which will be fully realized on the Last Great Day.
c.       It is fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.
C.      The people were called to look to Him for life.
1.       He will begin in obscurity.
2.       He will end in glory at His Transfiguration.

2.       At Your Baptism
A.      You became a child of God.
1.       You died to sin
2.       You were raised to new life in Christ.
B.      Your redemption is now a reality; signed sealed and delivered in the life of Jesus Christ.
1.       St. Paul, Romans, “When we were baptized into Christ Jesus”
2.       We are given the assurance of forgiveness, life, salvation
C.      Look to your baptism as a reminder of the life, which you have in Christ.
1.       Daily you die to sin and rise with Christ.
2.       Daily you are renewed to be a witness, to serve Christ and your neighbor.

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