Saturday, June 6, 2009

More riveting news from Decatur

More riveting news from Decatur...

300 volunteers showed up Friday morning to erect a United Pentecostal Church. A national organization "Build a Church in a Day" started construction early Friday and a 2,800-square-foot building will be ready for services Sunday morning. The 50 member parish was renting a storefront in Decatur. Now they have a place of their own.

On Sunday 2,000 bikers will descend on our little town for "the largest motorcycle rally in Decatur's history!" First congregating at Kmart on the south end of Ft. Wayne, where they will be welcomed by Ft. Wayne mayor Tom Henry and Decatur mayor John Schultz, the bikers will receive a police escort to Decatur and on to their destination: the downtown area. The procession is likely to be two to three miles long. ESPN television will be in the city to cover the stunt show and will set up operations in the city parking lot off Third Street west of the courthouse.
Police chief Ken Ketzler noted that due to the length of the procession, once an intersection is cleared of other traffic a delay will ensue until all the riders are through the intersection.
How's this for a busy day? Bellmont High School's graduation, the monthly first-Sunday-of-the-month flea market at the Riverside Center, a huge motorcycle rally, and a classic car show all going on at the same time.
The event is sponsored by ABATE an acronym for American Bikers Aiming Toward Education.

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