Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Introduction: Once again we have come to another Christmas, a time to reflect on the impact one life has had on us. A baby born for us – a baby sent to save us. With those witnesses we travel on to Bethlehem.
1. Let us go to Bethlehem
A. To see this thing which has come to pass.
1. Christ has entered time/space
2. To be our substitute
3. To be our only Savior from sin, death, the devil
B. Which the Lord has made known to us/
1. First spoken too our first parents in the garden
2. Promised, predicte4d in prophecy.
3. Now has finally been spoken by God (through the angels’ message)
Transition: We’ve come, now we witness with our own eyes
2. When they had seen Him.
A. They made widely known the saying which was told them concerning this child.
1. Angels message is clear – Glory to God – Peace on earth
2. We likewise proclaim Him in worship, song, carols, etc.
B. As w leave this holy house
1. We go back to our lives, work, vocations
2. To live as new and redeemed people
3. To proclaim the wonders He has done.
Conclusion: Christ came to offer salvation and live. Thanks be to God for this wonderful gift.

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