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Easter 6

Easter 6
10 May 2015
John 15:9-17

Goal:  That we may abide in Jesus love
Malady: We do not always keep the commandments
Means: Jesus appoints us to bear fruit that will abide

Father, giver of all that is good, help us to think of those things that are right and by Jesus’ mercy guide us to accomplish them;

So, what would be your last and final words? If these were to be the last words you would ever speak to another person what would they be? Choose your words and choose wisely!

How many times have we said to ourselves, “If only I had one more opportunity to speak?  If only had one more time to say what I really meant to express what I really feel!”

How many times have we possibly faced regret? Asking ourselves or saying to ourselves, “If only I had not said those words, or said them in another way, or had the opportunity to explain myself.”

Having known everything. Having seen everything. Having experienced everything that that would be experienced what would you say?

These words of Jesus are important. They are His last discourse. They are His last will and testament. Jesus will speak these last words to His friends this side of eternity.

Today we experience the Father’s love as we read and hear and listen to Jesus’ last will and testament. This is His final word to you.

1.       Abide in My love.
A.      This is a new commandment.
1.       Expressing Jesus’ greatest desire for His people, His Church, His family.
2.       That we love one another.
a.       That we love (see Greek term for this word)
b.      This is what was said of the 1st Century Christians, “see how they love one another.”
B.      As the Father loved, you so also love one another.

Transition: This is the Savior’s desire for His children. Of course, we can often disappoint as wayward children often do.

2.       Keep My commands. This is simple. Direct. Straightforward. It is also Law!
A.      Can we really keep the commandments perfectly?
1.       No! Our condition of sin has its own story throughout the pages of the Scriptures. St. Paul explains sins’ power when he reminds us, “and when has fully conceived…”
2.       Played out by our first parents Adam and Eve in Genesis w. When the woman say that the fruit was pleasing to the eyes…
3.       This condition has not changed since the time of Noah “Then the Lord smelled the soothing aroma and said, “
B.      And don’t think for a moment that there is any good in you to make you right with God. To the contrary, our vain attempts at keeping the Law can lead only to frustration. For while none of us can meet the perfect standard of God, free from error and without the stain and blot of sin. “If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”   

Transition: But God who is faithful and just will forgive our sins and cleans us from all unrighteousness.

3.       The Father’s desire is that we bear much fruit.
A.      When it comes to bearing fruit, Christ is the vine and you are the branches.
1.       I chose you and appointed you to bear much fruit. He speaks these words to you, “that My joy may be in you and your joy may be full.”
2.       You bear fruit because of Jesus’ great sacrifice for you on the cruel cross of Calvary. ”Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down His life for His friends…And you are My friends.
3.       You bear fruit that will abide. It will abide, for Jesus has spoken His clear word, “As the Father has loved me I love you. Abide in my love.  
B.      Your fruit will abide.
1.       It abides because you are grafted into Him. “No longer do I call you a servant. A servant does not know what His master is doing.
2.       Your fruit abides because your words, your actions, your work is rooted in Him. Thus, they are no longer your works, your words, your actions, but His and His alone. “Not the labors of my hands could fulfill Thy law’s demands” In Christ these are works of charity and love.

Another growing season is upon us once again. The dormancy of winter gives way to the possibilities of spring. To be sure, there will be plenty of pitfalls along the way. They happen every growing season. Harvest has its own set of challenges and circumstances.

However with the Savior and in His Father’s vineyard you will always bear fruit and the Savior‘s love will always abide. No longer are you servants and laborers. Now you are friends.  As friends, you have a place in the Kingdom.

Words –797
Passive Sentences – 3%
Readability –82.5%

Reading Level –4.4

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