Friday, July 17, 2009

The Eagle has Landed!

40 years ago this weekend America landed on the moon. Quite an amazing feat if you think about it. It defines us as Americans in some respects. JFK said "let's put a man on the moon by the end of this decade..." and we did it! Think of all of the items that have been developed over the years because of our venture into space - everything from velcro, to tang, to plastics, to that new ComforPedic mattress you may sleep on. I once read a study which stated that for every dollar invested in NASSA we receive $15 back in goods and services. Not a bad return on your money. True, there might be some things going wrong in our country but this weekend is a time to reflect on how far we have advanced, what we have been able to accomplish and the opportunities that are before us. Let's set our sights on Mars!
First image taken at the Indiana - Indiana State football game at Memorial Stadium September 1, 2007. Second image taken at the Indiana - Murray State football game at Memorial Stadium September 6, 2008. Both images found at Inside Indiana at

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