Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017

Feb 5 Epiphany 5 Divine Service Setting # 3
Matthew 5:13–20 “The Righteousness of Christ

Feb 12 Epiphany 6 Divine Service Setting #3 without Communion
Matthew 5:21–37 “Christ Sets Life before Us so that We Can Walk in His Ways

Feb 19 Epiphany 7 Divine Service Setting #4
Matthew 5:38–48 “No Limits in Love

Feb 26 Transfiguration of our Lord Matins
Matthew 17:1-9 “The Glory of God found in Jesus

The birthday of Mission occurred on the day of Pentecost circa AD 30 in the city of Jerusalem. On February 25, 1838, Zion-Friedheim Lutheran Church was chartered to be a House of Peace, a Haven of Hope for those who suffer and a Harbor of Light in this sin-darkened world. As followers of Jesus, we are Christ’s ambassadors – commissioned by Him who has reconciled the world to Himself to be salt and light.  

2017 will mark our 179th year of mission and ministry here in Adams County. As we look at our Mission, we are a 21st Century Parish with a 1st Century Faith. Our Vision, taken from Acts 2:42, is to be one in Doctrine, Fellowship, Sacramental living and Prayer.

Ø  The Apostles Doctrine” Being one in unity and faith. Basing our lives on God’s Holy Word as He speaks clearly to us through that Word.
Ø  Fellowship” Being one in the Lord Jesus Christ. Experiencing true joy in Christ. Living at peace with each other and enjoying one another.
Ø  The Breaking of Bread” Sacramental living. Experiencing daily the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation as Christ comes to us in and through the Sacraments.
Ø  Prayer” Upholding one another. Taking our needs, burdens, joys and sorrows to the throne room of grace. Being thankful as the Savior answers each petition.

During this month of February, as we focus on the words of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we discover His revelation of Himself to a world, which needs Him so desperately. Not only is He the only Son from heaven. He is the one who entered our world to grant us His life.

Christ asks us is to live according to His will. But always in light of those rewards, that He has already give you and that He is still anxious to bestow on you today. The Christian life must always be a grateful response to what the Father has done for us in the redemptive work of Christ Jesus. Not rules to live by.

All this He has done for you so that you may enter this world as His witnesses. Through the waters of baptism, each of us are called by the Lord to become agents of the Gospel, the presence of Jesus Christ in the world. Wherever it is God calls you to serve, Jesus simply says, “Let your light so shine before men.” – Matthew 5:16

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