Friday, May 24, 2013

Jesse Hoover

In June of 1837, Pr. Jesse Hoover found a small settlement of German Lutherans in Adams County. Making the trip either on foot or on horseback, Pr. Hoover began paying regular visits to conduct services in the homes of settlers. 

On February 25, 1838, this small group met to organize a congregation, the first rural congregation in Adams county. The charter members of the congregation, 26 adults and 30 children formed the Friedheim parish. The congregation has grown to 616 souls and 472 communicant members. 

Pr. Hoover served both the congregation in Adams county and St. Paul's, Ft. Wayne maintaining his residence in Ft. Wayne. It was Pr. Hoover, who had given the new location the name "Friedheim" which translates, "House of Peace" or "Peaceful Home" 

Pr. Hoover served only until May 24, 1838 when he died at the age of 28 years, a victim of a heart ailment.. 175 years ago today he was transferred from the kingdom of grace into the kingdom of glory.

Pr. Hoover is buried in the Old Concordia Cemetery in downtown Ft. Wayne, IN adjacent to the Old Concordia College which is now Indiana Institute of Technology. 

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