Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Constantine, Christian Ruler, and Helena, Mother of Constantine

Today the church remembers Constantine who made Christianity a recognized religion of the state. Today is a day for us to remember all who serve us on a local, state and national level. We pray that they may govern wisely so that the church can be about what we've been commissioned to do, which is, of course, to gossip the Gospel and let our light shine before others. 

Church and State, God and Country each have their own function. The State's main goal is justice. The Church's main goal is salvation through Christ. The State functions to punish evil doers. The Church functions to absolve penitent sinners and release them from their bondage to sin. 

For more reading on this timely subject go to Romans 13 and in your Catechism consider the table of duties which explains what we are expected according to our station in life be it a parent, child, citizen, preacher, teacher, one who governs, etc. 

So now let us pray...

A pray for Good Government - Eternal Lord, Ruler of all, graciously regard those who have been set in positions of authority among us that they may be guided by Your Spirit, to be high in purpose, wise in counsel, firm in good resolution, and unwavering in duty, that under them we may be governed quietly and peaceably, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A Prayer for Responsible Citizenship - Lord, keep this nation under Your care. Bless the leaders of  our land that we may be a people at peace among ourselves and a blessing to the other nations of the earth. Help us provide trustworthy leaders, contribute to wise decisions for the general welfare, and thus serve You faithfully in our generation to the honor of Your holy name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer for our Country - Almighty God, You have given us this good land as our heritage. Grant that we remember Your generosity and constantly do Your will. Bless our land with honest industry, truthful education, and an honorable way of life. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion, from pride and arrogance, and from every evil course of action. May us who come from many nations with many different languages a united people. Defend our liberties, and give those who we have entrusted with the authority of government the spirit of wisdom that there may be justice and peace in our land. When times are prosperous, let our hearts be thankful; and in troubled times, do not let our trust in You fail; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Prayers from Lutheran Worship (c) 1980 Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis 

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