Saturday, February 9, 2013


Almighty God, on the mountain you showed your glory in the Transfiguration of your Son. Give us the vision to see beyond the turmoil of our world and to behold the King in all his glory.”

Today is Transfiguration Sunday. We conclude Epiphany. Now we set our sights toward Jerusalem. We sing our Hosannas only to say farewell to our Hallelujahs. With the Savior, we walk His road from the Mt. of Transfiguration to another holy hill, Mt. Calvary.

The Transfiguration was Jesus’ experience with God.  Not the first.  Nor the last. But it was an experience so intense that the glory of God transfigured Him into the brightness of the sun. Through the season of Epiphany, we have witnessed the glory of God manifested in Jesus.   Today God’s full glory is reflected in Jesus.

Jesus’ glory is shown by the brightness of His physical appearance, the appearance of Moses and Elijah and the presence of the Father evidenced by cloud and voice. Since Jesus has come to the full possession of God’s glory, He is prepared to fulfill His mission as Messiah by going to Jerusalem to the cross. Because of this, the Transfiguration is a preparation for our Lenten pilgrimage to suffer and die with Jesus. The importance of the Transfiguration experience led the church to make the Transfiguration a festival of the church. The liturgical color changes to white to express the joy and celebration of the event.

What the Transfiguration says to them and to you this day.

1.       For them then
A.      Peter James and John were invited. They were a part of the Savior’s inner circle. What a privilege to be invited by the Savior. 
B.      Moses and Elijah appear suddenly. Why these two?
1.       They were the chief persons of the Old Testament. Moses wrote the Law. Elijah was the chief prophet.
2.       From which they spoke and Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament Scripture.
3.       God used them at the great moments in the history of His people.
a.       Moses – moved in faith, when the children of Israel left Egypt.
b.      Elijah – believed he was the only one left, yet the Lord reserved 7K who had not bowed the knee to Baal  - Romans 11:4

In good times and in challenging times, God used these two, Moses and Elijah in the history of His people. When they appeared on the mountain, they were speaking to Jesus concerning His trip to the cross. That was then. This is now. How do these two speak to us today?

2.       For you now
A.      You too are invited to walk with Jesus. Journey with Him through all of life’s challenges, blessings and opportunities. Jesus walks with you through all the changes and chances of life. In good times as well as in trying times Jesus remains with you. He will never leave you He will never forsake you.
B.      Moses and Elijah still speak.
1.       Read the numerous prophecies predicting the Savior’s life, passion, death and resurrection. They were all fulfilled by Jesus’ life, which He lived for you. He became your substitute. He lived the perfect life for you. He bore your sin in His own body on the cross that you might die to sin and live to righteousness. 
2.       Know you follow Him through all life’s events. No matter your circumstance, He walks with you.
3.       Into the future, He will continue to direct your path. He will order your days. He will direct your life. Your life is not left to chance. You might not always see His guiding hand. You might not always understand what is happening to you. Yet still He gives guidance.   With the Lord begin your task, Jesus will direct it.

Our Lenten journey is about to begin. We walk it not alone. We journey with the Savior. As He leads, we follow trusting in Him to complete our life and bring significance to every moment. 

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