Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eve, our first mother

Genesis 2:4b-25

Adam and Eve hid themselves from God

Eve was the first woman. Independent and curious, noticing the fruit to be good for food…pleasing to the eye…desirable for gaining wisdom, three aspects of temptation, she took of the tree and ate. She disobeyed God's command. She ate the forbidden fruit, initiating major changes in the Garden of Eden - and human history. Man will now have to struggle to survive in this world and death is introduced to the planet.

As sin entered the picture, so the image of God was destroyed. By its very nature, sin destroys that image since sin is an attitude in which the wishes, thoughts and deeds of man differ from those of God. Sin drove a wedge between God and man. With the loss of the divine image, also went man’s perfect knowledge and understanding of God’s Holy Will.

At the heart of the story is a new idea: that lawlessness is contrary to the will of God, and when it happens, the good as well as the wicked suffer. We live in a broken world, outside of Eden. Disease, disaster, drought, disability, death all find their root in the first catastrophe known to man. The serpent deceived and the land is cursed.

Yet, not all is lost. Every man, every woman, every boy, every girl is cursed. No other offspring of the woman would be able to overcome the tempter, except for one, who would be born of a woman (Galatians 4:4) one, who would come to destroy the devil’s work. (1 John 3:8) Jesus the promised Savior came to destroy the works of the devil. He took on flesh, and made His dwelling with us. (John 1:14) At just the right time, Jesus broke into time and space to be your substitute. He exchanges your sin for His righteousness. He bore you sin in His body and nailed them to the cross. In His glorious resurrection, He offers you a new and glorious life.

Faithful God, whose mercies are new to us every morning, we humbly pray that You would look upon us in mercy and renew us by Your Holy Spirit. Keep safe our going out and our coming in, and let Your blessing remain with us throughout this day. Preserve us in Your righteousness, and grant us a portion in that eternal life which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Prayers from Lutheran Service Book © 2006 and Lutheran Worship © 1980 Concordia Publishing House
Schnorr von Carolsfeld Woodcut used with permission from WELS

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