Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Salem Update II

Salem was allowed to return home this afternoon after a five day stay at the local Vet hospital.

The Veterinarian was able to extract his stones and they will be sent to a lab in Minnesota for examination and identification.

Salem has been put on a moist diet for older cats and was given a fourteen day injection antibiotic so we will not have to administer pills. He has about an eight inch incision on his abdomen stitches will be removed at his next office visit.

His doctor told us he will be running a mild temp for a few days and we are to administer “kitty morphine” in liquid form for the next few days. Syringes have been provided –no needles.

Salem is not yet out of the woods. There may be some microscopic stones left or due to inflammation he may become plugged again. We’re hoping for a full recovery.

The church ground this year is planted in soy beans however the field adjacent to it is in wheat. With wheat harvest 4th of July weekend he has about a ten day recovery period to keep the parsonage rodent free.

We have a missionary who is currently home on furlough coming to our church this evening two call committee meetings at our two vacant parishes. I have a service at Bingen Wednesday evening, an adult was confirmed yesterday and two are nearing the end of Adult confirmation Thursday. There is a wedding Saturday evening. The bride I have known since she was seven. Shut-in members need to be visited as we are in the last week of the month. Finished off the sermon this morning. Hank will be home for one of his rare weekends off. If I have time there is a farm auction Thursday. Half the neighborhood should be there. The wife is a native speaking Russian woman. Lydia's visited her once. She should be a help with Russian diction. A busy week to be sure.

Salem’s return has reduced at least a bit of stress amongst the inhabitants of our house. What was the title of that song played on the radio while growing us? Sung by the Carpenters… Bless the beasts and children. Not to be confused with Nadia's Theme - the title music for CBS' Young and the Restless.

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