Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Salem Update III

Salem is now resting in the mud room off of the kitchen. He has found a new place to sleep – in the newspaper box. His litter box and water are a few feet away so he has everything he needs while he recuperates.

Lydia has been taking good care of our patient feeding him his morphine at 9 am and 9 pm. Only one crisis. Apparently his sister Tacy doesn’t recognize him. She was quite leery of him when he arrived yesterday and when he attempted to eat out of the supper bowl this morning she hissed and swatted at him. Apparently she can’t comprehend that her brother has returned or she refuses to concede her rank of top cat during his hospitalization. (The fact that a cat’s brain is the size of a walnut might be a contributing factor also) Salem’s grooming habits are less then stellar so he probably has hospital small on his coat. Oh the things we do for our pets!

NB: If you look closely you will notice the fat man is sleeping on a newspaper which is published in New Haven, MO

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