Thursday, December 1, 2016


December  4      Advent 2 Divine Service Setting 1
                                Matthew 3:1-12 “Announcing the New Reign”

December 7       Mid-week Advent 2
                                Characters of the Nativity -Shepherds

December 11     Advent 3 Choir Service
                                Matthew 11:2-11 “What do you expect this Christmas?”

December 14     Mid-week Advent 3
                                Characters of the Nativity –Mary the Mother of our Lord

December 18     Advent 4 Divine Service Setting 2
                                Matthew 1:18-25 “God is with us”

December 24     Sunday School Christmas Eve

December 25     Christmas Day with Communion – A Service of readings and carols
Isaiah 9:2 Jesus came to be a light to the people who walk in darkness.

January 1 2017   1st Sunday after Christmas Divine Service Setting 3
                                Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23 God’s Promises fulfilled”                            

Jesus is the light of the world - The prophet Isaiah reminds us: "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them has the light shines."
Christ has removed the darkness of sin. As He spoke the universe into existence with His Word saying "Let there be light" so He came into this world to shine His light upon a dark and sinful world to take away our sin and misery. 

He is the eternal light and has come to save us from our sin. He does not overlook our sin He eliminates it. He does not blink at sin, but He has entered time and space to be our substitute. He takes unto Himself all of the world's misery and sin and He will carry it to the cross where He will suffer, die and rise again to be victorious.  The miracle of Christmas is that God has made it clear that He is in the business of redeeming and saving His people. As light eliminates the darkness so the coming of Christ bring the dawn of a new day; full of light and life. Upon us the light of Christ has shown brightly eliminating all darkness of sin and error.

The miracle of Christmas finds its basis in the truth that Christ has come to eliminate sin. As He began the world's creation by producing light on the first day. He has shown brightly on this earth once again. In glory there is no need of sun, moon or stars for He will be the eternal light that lights up the entire city.  As He draws us toward His light once more during this  Advent and Christmas season may the brightness of Christ burn in your hearts ever more until we are each ushered into His glory. A Blessed Christmas! 

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