Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve
25 November 2015
Psalm 117  
“Praise the Lord in every circumstance”

Lord God, You have revealed Your kindness to all people. Gather the nations into Your Church, that in all the various tongues of this world one hymn of praise may be offered to You; through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Psalm 117 is the shortest psalm in the Psalter. It is also the Bible's central chapter. It is the very center of the 1,189 chapters. Found in Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. As Psalm 115 was national. And Psalm 116 personal. This Psalm is global.

Jesus’ disciples sang this psalm following the Last Supper. Prior to going out to the Garden of Gethsemane. God’s kindness and faithfulness has been shown in the past. And of this, we can be sure. It will continue forever. This Psalm is the inspiration for such great hymns as. “From all that dwell below the skies” and “Praise to the Lord the Almighty

1. The Call to PraisePraise the Lord, all you nations; laud Him, all you peoples. (vs.1) This word can be translated as “sing praise.”
A. The world in its totality is lovingly invited to praise Him. God has and will continue to show Israel His kindness and faithfulness. God commands praise from all peoples.
B. The world. By its tribes. Is loudly invited to adore Him. The Lord’s faithful love prevails over all.
C. Father, help me be a witness through my praise for You.
D. Lord, save Your people from all the nations.

2. The Cause for praiseFor His loving-kindness toward us is great, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. (Vs.2 a-b)
A. The loving triumph of the Lord. The salvation of God’s people. Is the reason for universal praise. The gospel of Christ is ordered to be preached to all nations. And by His work of redemption. Those that were afar off. Are made nigh. They are made to be a part of God’s family. We are among the persons to whom the Holy Spirit here speaks. Whom he calls upon to join his ancient people in praising the Lord.
B. The lasting truth of the Lord. His loving-kindness toward us is great. The faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.
C. Thank You Lord. For Your steadfast faithfulness toward Your people.
D. In God's kindness there is mercy, because…
1. Our sin deserves the reverse of kindness. We get more than we deserve. That’s grace!
2. Our weakness requires great tenderness. Jesus knows your fears. He knows your doubts. Yet, He bestows on you Hs mercy and peace.
3. Our fears can only be so removed. And He replaces that fear with faith, which trusts His promises for Jesus’ sake.

The Command to praise – Hallelujah! (vs.2c) Thus, we have thanksgiving! In His attribute—He is always faithful. In His revelation—He is always infallible. In His action – it is always according to His promise.
Praise the Name of the Lord. For His loving-kindness toward us is great, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever
Words –525
Passive Sentences –13%
Readability –81.2%

Reading Level -3.8

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