Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Son Superior to angels

3.29.2015 Palm Sunday                                  Hebrews 1:1-14 The Son Superior to angels

Jesus enters Jerusalem 

Who is Jesus? He is God’s last final Word. In a variety of ways. God prepared the way for Jesus. The prophets of old gave glimpses of the age which was to come. God spoke often in years past to prepare the way for speaking once and for all by His Son. Jesus’ coming fulfills the promise of God. Jesus’ ministry completes the salvation plan God had for the world.

Jesus is God’s best Word. The Father identifies His Son as bearing “the very stamp of His nature.” Jesus is the heir of all things. Jesus is co-creator of the world. Jesus reflects the glory of God. Jesus upholds the universe. Jesus cleansed the world of sin and now sits at the right hand of majesty.

God also identifies His Son as “better” than angels. No angel is worshiped as Jesus is honored. No angel rules into eternity. Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. All the word and predictions of old are now fulfilled and completed in Jesus, who remains the father’s last and best Word.   

Almighty and ever living God, in your tender love for the human race you sent your Son our Savior Jesus Christ to take upon him our nature, and to suffer death upon the cross, giving us the example of his great humility: Mercifully grant that we may walk in the way of his suffering, and also share in his resurrection; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen[2]

[1] Schnorr von Carolsfeld woodcuts © WELS permission granted for personal and congregational use

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