Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2

All the doors are shut, locked, and there are about a dozen or more men, in tight quarters, sweating, stinking of fear. They are not sure what has happened or what they should do. They feel the heat. Then Jesus came and stood among them, saying: Peace be with you.

Jesus Comes
He came and stood among them. He didn’t approach them from behind or appear in a corner and then clear his voice to get their attention. In that closed up space with barely enough room for another body—Jesus stood among them, there was really no place else he could be. He is in the center of the sweaty mass, everyone crowding in around him, jostling to see the holes in his hands, the gash in his side, that he is showing them. Peace be with you, he says again, as the Father sent me, so I send you.

Jesus Breathes
He pauses and everyone leans in, craning their necks so as not to miss a whisper — then he breaths on them.  They are close enough to feel the heat of his breath, to smell it. Receive the Holy Spirit.


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