Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent 2

Mark 1:1-8
Should Christmas be Banned?

In Mark’s Gospel there is no Christmas! Mark begins his gospel with the adult Son of God. After John the Baptist’s preparation for Jesus, Jesus simply appears as a 30-year old adult seeking baptism from John.

If it were up to Mark, we would have no Christmas celebration. He simply introduces Jesus to his readers and begins with his presentation. Should we follow Mark as the Puritans did in the 17th Century by banning Christmas altogether? In the light of materialism of our modern world, maybe we should skip the Christmas “sell-abration”. And yet Christmas should not be forgotten. There is a significant importance of Christmas and the significance of Christ coming into our world.

What Christmas is all about.

1. Not how He was born; manger, angels, star.

A. These things are important.
1. They point that Jesus came to our world as human.
2. They point that He came in human history.

B. If we get hung up on just Jesus’ birth we can loose out.
1. He birth is most important.
2. He was not merely a “cute baby” a little lamb.

2. It’s who was born – “The Son of God”

A. He is Very God
1. Creator
2. The Almighty One

B. In Him is what all the prophets of old had written.
1. Over 800 prophecies concerning Christ are recorded in the Old Testament Scriptures
2. He fulfilled all of them.
3. After His resurrection, with the disciples on the way to Emmaus He opened the Scriptures to them explaining how the Christ must suffer and die and on the third day rise from the dead.

3. Why He was born – “The Christ of God’

A. The One who came into this world to save us.
1. We could not save ourselves.
2. Sin has separated us from the Father

B. By His suffering, death and resurrection we are saved and redeemed.
1. In Baptism we are brought into His family
2. Through this covenant of Baptism we are kept in the faith.

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