Monday, November 3, 2008

A First

Oh my...

Pr. Kyle and his wife Kari Wright are now the proud parents of triplets born October 30, 2008

Kyle is the pastor at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hamlet, IN [Across the road from Oregon- Davis High School for you Hoosiers in the know...] in Starke county.

At 12:14 pm Maggie was born she weighed 3lbs 14oz.
At 12:16 pm Lilly was born she weighed 3lbs. 15oz.
At 12:17 pm Gwen was born she weighed 3lbs. 15oz.

Maggie, Lilly and Gwen were welcomes by their big sister Katie who will turn two next week!

This morning all three were baptized. Kari was finally able to get up to the NICU unit to witness the baptism. After twenty-five years of ministry this is a first. I've baptized multiple sets of twins...but never triplets. My father in 40 years as a family practice physician only delivered one set of triplets.

Yesterday we had two baptisms...that would make five baptisms in one week. On the last day I served Trinity, Lansing, IL [March 8, 1987] I baptized five individuals in one day.

Another first...this coming Sunday I will baptize another infant. I have had the privilege to have baptized and confirmed his mom and I officiated at his parents' wedding. After 21 years I'm starting on my second generation here at Zion, Friedheim. God be praised!

You can visit Kyle and Keri's site here:


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Do give Kyle my greetings and congrats when next you see him!

Pastor D said...

Will do - blessings!