Sunday, September 21, 2008

Johnny Appleseed

One of America’s true folk heroes — Johnny Appleseed — was honored this weekend at a festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Some 300,000 people expected to enjoy crafts, colonial-era food, dancing and music. The festival is staged by Johnny Appleseed’s grave site. He was born John Chapman in 1774 and for almost 50 years of his life, he roamed the wilderness barefoot, devotedly planting apple trees and even entire orchards in a five-state area from Pennsylvania to Indiana. And Americans do like apples. We each eat just over 17 pounds every year, generating $1.6 billion in income for the farmers who grow them.

Lydia and a woman from our parish have spun wool into yarn at the festival for the last ten years. Lydia didn't make it her senior year in high school as Interlochen has class on Saturdays. She has made it a point to return home now that she is closer attending IU.

The cats love it when Lydia spins on her wheel at home during the summer and when she's home on breaks. They love to lay in the fleece and purrrr. Cat heaven!

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